Pre-Made 50Ω Assemblies

West Penn Wire’s RF 50 Ohm assemblies are available using our highly specified quality 50 Ohm Coaxial Designs. Our Cables range from RG8/U, RG213/U Type, RG8X/U and RG58/U Type.

The assemblies are connected with superior designed 50 Ohm RF BNC , RP SMA and N Type Connectors. The assemblies are built to your specification (length and Connector type) using the best materials using our highly skilled technicians. All terminations are fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

The length of the assembly is determined by the type of system requirements and cable size.

West Penn Wire provides pulling tool PN. 17507. Our pulling tool protects cables and connectors from being damaged by taking the stress off of the connection points while pulling.