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Category Cable - CAT Cable

As technology grows exponentially, there are going to be a myriad of connectivity requirements and inevitable upgrades for Pro AV applications. Anticipate tomorrow today. Install the right cable, the first time, with West Penn Wire copper category cable. We have the cat cable to route any kind of network or multimedia signal over short, medium or long distances in higher education, government, corporate, conference center, healthcare, houses of worship, digital signage, hospitality and large venue applications.

Cat 7 S/FTP

Our selection of Category 7 S/FTP plenum-rated cable helps you meet the demand for data rates that exceed 10 Gbps over 100m. This cable is ideal for future 4K UHD and HDR because it delivers superior performance now with 600 MHz of proven channel bandwidth. There are no standards for Cat 7 connectivity but it exceeds those of Cat 6A. Performance exceeds ISO/IEC 11801 Class 7. Learn more >>

Cat 6A

West Penn Wire’s large selection of Category 6A UTP cables helps you meet demand for applications exceeding 10 Gbps. These cables are also ideal for 4K resolution video because they offer the best performance with up to 625 MHz of proven channel bandwidth. Learn more >>

Cat 6

Cat 6 is a standardized cable for 1000Base-T Ethernet, AV digital video, HDBase T, digital integration applications, and more. It provides up to 250MHz bandwidth. See installation video >>

Cat 5E

Category 5E offer enhanced capability of the original Cat 5 cable and no crosstalk or system noise, with the same 100MHz bandwidth. Cat5E is used in 100Base-T Ethernet, AV digital video, digital integration, and many other A/V and telephony applications.Buy Cat 5E cables >>

When you choose West Penn Wire, you get quality products and outstanding support for all your low voltage cable needs. To optimize your installation, we also provide a wide range of plugs, jacks, patch panels and assemblies. To determine the best cable for your specific applications, click here.