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Composite All-In-One Cable, Reader Cables, and Accessory Cables for Access Control Systems

The quality of cable you choose directly impacts the value of your access control system. West Penn Wire gives you ready access to a wide selection of cable that streamlines installation of everything from conventional card readers to complex integrated identity ecosystems.

An access control system is an integration of hardware, software, management tools and other peripheral devices that electronically monitors and controls selective access through door, gates, elevators, and many other entry points.

Access control systems are found nearly everywhere – hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, prisons, military facilities, social clubs, residential complexes, libraries, factories, and many other places where selective access security is at a premium.

The access control systems of today are becoming more sophisticated. Beyond the common technologies for card access control, there are many other security applications that are being integrated with the access control to make them complete security systems. Some security systems being integrated are: CCTV, intrusion detection, biometric scanners, handheld remotes, HVAC, and time & attendance reporting.

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Access Control Designs

  • Reader Cables
  • Door Contact Cables
  • Request-to-Exit (REX) Cables
  • Lock Power Cables
  • RS-485 Cables
  • LAN/Networking Cables
  • All-in-One Composite Cable
  • Individual and Accessory Cables
  • Aquaseal® Water-Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Cables
  • IP Cables

Access Control Designs

  • Simple Door Wiring
  • Door Wired with Intelligent Readers
  • Wiring with Serial Controllers
  • Wiring with Serial Main and Sub-Controllers
  • Wiring with Serial Main and Intelligent Readers
  • Wiring with Serial Controllers and Terminal Server
  • Wiring with IP Controllers and Readers

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